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Q&A: Energy Outlook 2018
D CEO, December 2017 → read more

COVER STORY: “The Dawn of a New Dean”
CoxToday, Fall 2017 → read more


Targeting the Future: Smarter, Cleaner Infrastructure Development Choices
Nov 2012, Chapter in book, “Climate Change”
Understanding the energy-water-climate nexus is critical to achieving sustainable development, with a focus on India and China...

Writings and Publications

Themes. Economics, development, finance, energy, environment and resource sustainability.

Country includes China, India, Australia, Pakistan-Afghanistan, Africa, and Europe.

Types include opinion editorials, features, reports, policy writings, blogs, and published academic research.


Project Illustrations


A journey to recognition.

Energy and Environment
Sustainable economies, modern and emerging

Markman Group

Adapting and leading in dynamic times.

Creatively Speaking
Telling other's stories.

Whimsically-selected samples, published or not.

Sweetwater Holdings

Tackling food security.

Presentations, Panels & Events

Energy & Investing
"Investor in the Family" Podcast Interview | March 2016

U.S. Shale Oil Trends & Implications
Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations | February 26, 2014

Infrastructure Development Paths
Visiting Iraqi provincial and municipal leaders arranged by the State Department | August 2010

Global Gas & Energy Security
Panels | April & June 2011

Water Security Conference
Invited for poster presentation at Oxford's "Water Security, Risk, and Society" conference; based on energy-water infrastructure research of the last five years | April 2012

Retirement Security
Keynote presentation, “Charting Retirement Security in an Era of Uncertainty” was given at a conference for global pension funds