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Green Bonds Research Project

Green bonds are a relatively new source of financing to help reduce carbon emissions and fund resource efficiency projects.

U.S. Oil and Gas Going Places

In the midstream, downstream and energy-related chemical value chains, investment of $346 billion is projected between 2012 and 2025. This report focuses on three growth areas as it relates to a large midstream player: Gulf Coast LNG and natural gas liquids (NGLs) exports and the Permian Basin as a general opportunity.

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Targeting the Future: Smarter, Cleaner Infrastructure Development Choices.


China and India, with their high economic growth trajectories, offer the planet a significant opportunity to reduce carbon emissions provided they invest in climate-smart infrastructure. The globe is also becoming increasingly water stressed. Understanding the energy-water-climate nexus is critical to achieving sustainable development. Chapter in Book, "Climate Change," Nov 2012.

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Sustainable Growth for China


When capital markets and green infrastructure combine, the world’s economic system and ecosystem have everything to gain by teasing apart the infrastructure and climate change-related issues for China. The Chinese Economy, Oct./Nov 2011

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Complementing Economic Advances in India: A New Approach in Financing Infrastructure Projects.

The proposed global capital market approach coupled with financial innovations could help smooth the frictions, which lie at the root of India's infrastructure development problems. Published in Journal of Structured Finance (summer 2007) with co-author distinguished finance professor Andrew Chen. Provided upon request.