Types: White Paper Reports

Green Bonds: A Market Analysis.

The nascent market for green bonds, which first began in Europe, is spreading to the U.S. Green bonds are a relatively new source of financing for the lower carbon future required to rebalance carbon emissions' increases and resource efficiency projects.

Retailers Use of Space a Reflection of Broader Economic Trends.

New challenges are brought by technology, post-recession economy and urbanization, with implications for retailer strategies. A strategic marketing white paper for leading-edge manufacturing firm (2012).

A Novel Concept to Control and Remediate Deep Water Oil Spills.

A proprietary white paper, Dec 2010.

Forecast 2010: Navigating Retirement Unknowns
(and charting a course anyway), February 2010.

This report seeks to present critical information about the major challenges faced by those planning for retirement. The recent financial crisis rocked year's worth of hard-earned assets and best-laid plans. A crisis of confidence now ensues. The report also lays out select expert commentaries on the financial crisis. See sample slides that accompanied report.

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