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Q&A with Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer

Once a small Texas natural gas pipeline operation, Energy Transfer has become an enviable midstream mega-firm. Energy Transfer's  "master limited partnerships" or MLPs, own 71,000 miles of pipelines carrying crude oil, natural gas, and rich natural gas liquids, creating a super-sized web of opportunities.

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Pioneering the New American Energy Boom

With some of the best acreage in the Spraberry/Wolfcamp play, Pioneer Natural Resources, under the helm of CEO Scot Sheffield, is part of the new oil boom. Pioneer was in the right place at the right time—proving the prolific shale oil discoveries within the Permian Basin. D CEO Jan-Feb 2014 cover story.

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China's Green Future

Understanding China's huge energy-related challenges illuminates the out-sized opportunity for America. Beijing's energy goals can be fast-tracked with the help of American companies, and both countries will benefit from enhanced green trade routes. Published in Far Eastern Economic Review, December 2008.

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Winning Play: The Barnett Shale

Natural gas is gaining traction as an energy source with potential beyond its traditional uses. New shale plays like the Barnett Shale and the Marcellus Shale are adding to supply at a time when high energy costs and greenhouse-gas emissions concern households, businesses, and politicians alike. (published in D CEO magazine, September 2008)

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The Chinese Connection

Profile of CEO Patrick Jenevein of Tang Energy, a U.S.-based energy firm focusing on wind energy development and green tech processes in power generation, with rich experience in China. DallasCEO magazine (Jan 2008).

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Paving the Path for India's Growth

For India's rapid growth to continue, investment in infrastructure would need to double, from 5% of GDP to an estimated 9% by 2012 -- or $500 billion. Utilizing global capital markets and the private sector is the way forward for greater efficiency, transparency, and proper incentives. Far Eastern Economic Review, March 2008.

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Going Global

Cover story in DallasCEO (July/August). Fluor's CEO Alan Boeckmann and their evolution as a global firm.

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Smart View: Guest Column

What can be learned from China’s economic miracle with scant R&D spending? Entrepreneurs unlock the gains from innovation and are an engine of economic growth. The Smart Manager, a top Indian business magazine.

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Perspectives on Fossil Fuels

A natural gas commentary and interview with Scott Sheffield and a sneak preview of the Bush Institute's Natural Gas Nation summit (D CEO Apr/May 2010).

Drilling for Oil

Though Republicans and Democrats find ways to make more drilling possible by opening up previously restricted areas, the actual decision by a firm whether to drill or not matters too. An article about new research by SMU Cox School of Business professors featured in E&P magazine, September 24, 2008.

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