Types: Blogs


Two popular blogs were developed along with ongoing related content. Financial Fare was created for the Retirement Security Institute (2007- late 2010) and GeoEdge, a global affairs blog, March 2011 to April 2013.

A few highlights from Geoedge.org

• U.S.-Pakistan-Afghanistan blog post based on recent visit by Ambassador Khalilzad

Biosecurity with Brett Giroir, Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives, Texas A&M

Q&A with Daniel Yergin about energy security

• Robert Kaplan, foreign policy and India, from his book Monsoon.

• Iraq's path forward

• Beijing's 'Airpocalypse' post

• The transatlantic partnership to advance cooperation

• 'Global Affairs Mash Up' post

• Global demographic trends

(Note: Ms. Warren developed this blog in March 2011 and was responsible for its content until mid-April 2013. Most of the interviews or content were based on programs developed for DCFR under her tenure.)