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Guest Writer for U.S. Association for Energy Economics
Dialogues, January 2017 → read more
Oil markets, U.S. energy production and the energy mix are changing, largely owing to technological advances and public preferences. A wide variety of energy-related topics are discussed in the USAEE's publication, Dialogues.

FEATURE ARTICLE:Oil's Wild Ride” | D CEO, May 2016 → read more
The story of how North Texas oil and gas firms were surviving the downturn, from the perspective of multiple stakeholders. Also see a December 2016 article about the leadership transition at Pioneer Natural Resources.

Chronicles of An Oil Boom: Unlocking the Permian Basin


After 2009, the collapse of natural gas prices led to the switch by forward-looking exploration and production firms toward oil exploration in order to remain profitable. Some energy firms were pioneers in these efforts. The oily Bakken and Eagle Ford Shales launched into full swing. Then came the analysis of the Permian Basin in West Texas. Now, another shale mega-basin has the potential to change the game again, at a time when the U.S. economy is still mending...

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Pioneering the New American Energy Boom

With some of the best acreage in the Spraberry/Wolfcamp play, Pioneer Natural Resources, under the helm of CEO Scot Sheffield, is part of the new oil boom. Pioneer was in the right place at the right time—proving the prolific shale oil discoveries within the Permian Basin. D CEO Jan-Feb 2014 cover story.

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Energy and Investor Community columns


Writings for Seeking Alpha, an investor community.

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Columnist of "Markets & Routes" for Energy Trends Insider

In May, a new column was launched focusing on the economics of energy trends and markets. Themes of resource sustainability, climate impacts, geopolitics of energy, and infrastructure will also be included.

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North America's Rising Star


A re-thinking of North American energy resources and its impact on trade routes. A more resource-supplied U.S. offers a different lens through which to view the infamous "Asia pivot" of the Obama Administration. Lloyd's List, Apr 2013.

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Targeting the Future: Smarter, Cleaner Infrastructure Development Choices.


China and India, with their high economic growth trajectories, offer the planet a significant opportunity to reduce carbon emissions provided they invest in climate-smart infrastructure. The globe is also becoming increasingly water stressed. Understanding the energy-water-climate nexus is critical to achieving sustainable development. Chapter in Book, "Climate Change," Nov 2012.

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Energy-Water Nexus and Sustainability.

An extensive interview with Dr. Rajan Gupta, Laboratory Fellow of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, contains references, analysis and insight into the “challenges of the commons” faced globally, including: energy and water resources; climate change, carbon emissions equations and the response of nature; discussions about natural gas and nuclear energy and waste; and, the geopolitics and economics surrounding the energy- water nexus, with references to China and India.

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Australian Floods Impact on Asian Trade.


Backwash from the floods which ravaged Australia in late December and early January is now rippling through the global coal trade like a tsunami. Lloyd's List op ed, Jan 2011.

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China ramps up gas investments.


As China continues to evolve its economy, natural gas becomes an increasingly attractive source of cleaner energy and for diversification purposes.
Lloyd's List op ed, Nov 26, 2010.

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Global gas, an ever-changing plot.

Shifts across the globe in natural gas consumption and production tell a new tale. Opinion editorial in Lloyd's List, on Sept 24, 2010.

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Energy Matters: Shocks, Energy Math, and OPEC.

Some refer to energy security in regard to domestic policy obstructions, clean energy ambitions, or threats to oil supply from Middle East instability. Energy security can also mean diversification of the energy slate, with recent boons from natural gas adding to the energy portfolio mix. But facts are facts. Research from energy economist James Smith of SMU Cox literally comes off the pages in his recent presentations in Stockholm, Sweden to fellow energy economists and foreign policy aficionados in Dallas.


Running Out? Peak Theories Exposed.

In a research profile, peak oil theories are analyzed. From the viewpoint of the energy economist, the idea of a peaking resource, such as oil, ushering in an era of reduced growth and hardship, doesn’t hold water. Energy economist Dr. James Smith of SMU Cox provides calculations in new research which show that the “peak” is an unreliable indicator of resource scarcity.


Cities as Opportunity and Threat.

Urbanization is a significant driver of future economic opportunities and growth in developing countries. This brief explores the underlying characteristics of cities and their growth prospects given the emerging science and theory of cities. Dr. Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe Institute offers insights about his breakthrough research.

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Op ed about China, its green agenda and coal's prospects.

Published in Lloyd's List Sept 8, 2010.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Water scarcity and deteriorating soil conditions threaten agriculture’s sustainability in many at-risk regions. New irrigation technology is a game changer for fragile states and emerging economies alike. Web content and art direction (considerably scaled back since initial development in 2010) for a start up firm on the front lines in the fight against food insecurity in resource-challenged areas. See

Sustainable Growth for China


When capital markets and green infrastructure combine, the world’s economic system and ecosystem have everything to gain by teasing apart the infrastructure and climate change-related issues for China. The Chinese Economy, Oct./Nov 2011

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Perspectives on Fossil Fuels

A natural gas commentary and interview with Scott Sheffield; oil market fundamentals from research by oil and gas professor James Smith, and a sneak preview of the Bush Institute's Natural Gas Nation summit. D CEO Apr/May 2010.

China's Green Future

Understanding China's huge energy-related challenges illuminates the out-sized opportunity for America. Beijing's energy goals can be fast-tracked with the help of American companies, and both countries will benefit from enhanced green trade routes. Published in Far Eastern Economic Review, December 2008.

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Winning Play: The Barnett Shale

Natural gas is gaining traction as an energy source with potential beyond its traditional uses. New shale plays like the Barnett Shale and the Marcellus Shale are adding to supply at a time when high energy costs and greenhouse-gas emissions concern households, businesses, and politicians alike. What might the future hold for natural gas, with its ability to morph into numerous energy forms, in solving some of America's energy challenges? Published in D CEO magazine, September 2008.

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The Chinese Connection

Profile of CEO Patrick Jenevein of Tang Energy, a U.S.-based energy firm focusing on wind energy development and green tech processes in power generation, with rich experience in China. Illustrates a firm uniquely addressing the pollution problem in China, one consequence of rapid economic growth and high demand for energy. Feature in DallasCEO magazine (Jan 2008).

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Drilling for Oil

Though Republicans and Democrats find ways to make more drilling possible by opening up previously restricted areas, the actual decision by a firm whether to drill or not matters too. An article about new research by SMU Cox School of Business professors. Featured in E&P magazine, September 24, 2008.

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