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Well over 100 finance and business-related pieces have been written from 2004 to the present, most for the SMU Cox research site. Numerous features have been republished at The Economist's Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Executive Briefing online or other publications. Also, a select sampling of financial writings were developed for a financial services firm over a fifteen year relationship culminating in the Retirement Security Institute (2007- 2010).

Puzzles Surrounding Oil Market Exchange-Traded Funds Explained.

An underperformance story surrounds oil market exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Cox Finance Professor Kumar Venkataraman and co-authors de-mystify the puzzle.

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Parsing the Financial Crisis: First Evidence of a Lost Decade.

Feature for SMU Cox's faculty research site which was re-published by the Economist's EIU Executive Briefing online.

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Traders, Brokers, and Money.

Republished in marketsmedia magazine July/Aug 2010. Research profile showing how past performance is a guide for future performance. Pensions could save by using best brokers.

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Complementing Economic Advances in India: A New Approach in Financing Infrastructure Projects.

The proposed global capital market approach coupled with financial innovations could help smooth the frictions, which lie at the root of India's infrastructure development problems. Published in Journal of Structured Finance (summer 2007) with co-author distinguished finance professor Andrew Chen. Provided upon request.

Forecast 2010: Navigating Retirement Unknowns
(and charting a course anyway), February 2010.

This report seeks to present critical information about the major challenges faced by those planning for retirement. The recent financial crisis rocked year's worth of hard-earned assets and best-laid plans. A crisis of confidence now ensues. The report also lays out select expert commentaries on the financial crisis.

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The Truth About Annuities and Retirement Income


New first-of-its kind publication for retirees and those nearing retirement about key considerations in planning for income throughout retirement. Many years of industry knowledge and financial research and analysis led to this breakthrough consumer piece. Industry marketing professionals heavily endorsed the publication.

Giving the Bond Market More Color Through Transparency

Wall Street Journal, Financial Times (Lex column) and Bloomberg cited and/or referenced research in articles Nov and Dec 2006.

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Effects of Terrorism on Global Capital Markets.

This 2005 piece may be requested but other finance topics are available at SMU Cox School of Business faculty research site.


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