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Serve as editor of bi-annual newsletter to stakeholders for SMU Cox ITOM department (2014–Present).

Retailers Use of Space a Reflection of Broader Economic Trends.

New challenges are brought by technology, post-recession economy and urbanization, with implications for retailer strategies. A strategic marketing white paper for leading-edge manufacturing firm (2012).

How Demographics Impact Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship.

Countries with younger populations or those tilted toward the aged are shown to have decreased entrepreneurial activity according to new research by Professor Maria Minniti of SMU Cox and co-author Moren Levesque. Important implications arise for governments in aging developed countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan that are attempting to catalyze growth and in developing countries with younger populations seeking greater levels of entrepreneurship.

A Deep Dive Into Virtual Worlds.

Virtual worlds like Second Life are fascinating to study, according to Schultze, because they are rich and immersive communication environments that bring together text, voice and graphics, as well as sound and video streaming in a shared, virtual space. See the research profile or the interview at WSJ prompted by an earlier profile.

CRM 2.0: High-Definition Business Strategies.

For more than a decade, firms have eagerly adopted customer relationship management (CRM) systems to better connect to their customers, hoping to drive firm performance. CRM creates the most value when it is geared toward the firm’s business strategies, according to new research by Marketing Professor Jacquelyn Thomas and colleagues.

Stressed Out, Overworked Systems Should Just Say “No”.

The consequences of pushing an operation to its max can lead to many negative consequences such as increased costs and worker burnout. New research by ITOM Professors at SMU Cox offers a novel and pragmatic approach to managing demand through better operational choices.

Effects of Terrorism on Global Capital Markets.

This 2005 piece may be requested but other finance topics are available at SMU Cox School of Business faculty research site.

Extensive writings on technology, operations management, marketing and other business topics are available upon request. 

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