Tackling food security.

imageA water and agriculture technology firm helps in the fight against food insecurity and furthers economic development

Profile: A Dallas-based start up firm needed a presence on the web to communicate about the cutting-edge work they were doing in the global agriculture industry. One key asset for Sweetwater was their ownership of a water treatment technology that could turn virtually barren land into fertile, productive land for crops. Another strategic component of the business was their methodology and management.

Particulars: Sweetwater needed two websites, one as the corporate flagship site and the second for their operations arm, called Frontier Agri-Solutions and Training (FAST). The projects included considerable research, messaging, content and the creation of a brand image through visuals. Additionally, they wanted FAST site news and presentations to be managed in real-time, in-house. So a low-cost work-around was found.

Cause: Their story was one of addressing food security through the use of technology and knowledge transfer to farmers, with small or large operations, in need of more advanced farming management practices. A key message for Sweetwater was the idea of economic development through sustainable agriculture practices. The promotion of food security as a primary mission was a second important theme. Finally, with climate change effects seen across the globe, their water technology offers a climate change adaptation dividend for arid and semi-arid regions struggling to meet food production goals.