U.S. Shale Oil Trends and Implications

"U.S. Shale Oil Trends and Implications," was presented to Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, a former Council on Foreign Relations satellite, on February 26th, 2014. Findings were presented based on the e-book, "Chronicles of an Oil Boom: Unlocking the Permian Basin." The twists and turns in the unconventional energy revolution continue to unfold—creating new developments in the structure, players, and emphasis of the oil and gas industry. Policymakers have a rare, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leverage the U.S.'s energy position.

Infrastructure Development Paths


For visit of Iraqi provincial and municipal leaders arranged by the State Department, Aug 2010.

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Water Security conference

Invited for poster presentation at Oxford's "Water Security, Risk, and Society" conference April 2012, based on energy-water infrastructure research of last five years. Schedule would not allow participation.

Retirement Security

Keynote presentation "Charting Retirement Security in an Era of Uncertainty" was given at a conference for global pension funds. Trends about the economic climate, demographics, and globalization were addressed. Sustainability issues were discussed in the context of educational gaps, retirement incentives, and upcoming economic pressure points (Denver, May 2009).

See a few of the slides.

Investment Environment and Annuities

A series of findings were presented to advisors in financial services, 2007.

Health Care Policy, Politics, Economics

A number of presentations were given about Medicare trends and its interaction with long term care financing (presented mainly in 1995-6, and 2007). Developed presentation that was utilized by national marketing organizations to their stakeholders and potential client groups.


Panels Moderated

Global Gas

With Mikkal Herberg of NBR and ExxonMobil executive Bill Colton, Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, April 2011.

Post-panel interview brief

Energy Security


With energy economist James Smith of SMU Cox and Ken Cohen, VP of Public Affairs, ExxonMobil, Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, June 2011.

Post-panel blog write-up


Prospects and Opportunities, featuring Dr. Geoffrey West, Santa Fe Institute and Dr. Maria Minniti, Entrepreneurship Chair, SMU Cox, Jan 2012.

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U.S. Budget Deficits: Domestic and Global Perspectives

With Dr. Dennis Ippolito, SMU's Chairman of Political Science, and senior research economist Carlos Zarazaga of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, Sep 2012.

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