Ms. Warren has over two decades of experience in the field of communications and knowledge work. She has worked in the areas of finance, business trends, global economics, infrastructure and sustainable development in regards to resources such as capital, energy, water resources, and food security. In spite of writing and communications expertise, a practical, entrepreneurial approach is applied to all projects and client objectives.

Jennifer recently served as President/CEO of Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations from late 2010 to spring 2013. In addition to updating the brand of DCFR through various communications channels and product development initiatives, she developed and produced 20-25 globally-focused, high-level speaker events annually. Topics covered pressing issues in global affairs such as energy and water security, U.S.-Afghanistan relations, Eurozone crisis, and Turkey's challenges, to name a few.

Ms. Warren is published in various academic, policy and business publications such as Far Eastern Economic Review, Economist Intelligence Unit’s Executive Briefing, Journal of Structured Finance, Lloyd's List, D CEO and many others. She has been interviewed for numerous radio broadcasts and news stories, and presented her work at various conferences. In August 2010, she was asked to present her work in infrastructure development for the U.S. Department of State to Iraqi municipal and provincial leaders, which followed a keynote on retirement security to the world's largest pension funds in 2009. She covered demographic trends in advanced economies and public pension funds' looming crisis.  

Another area of interest, in 1996, Jennifer began writing in earnest about economic developments in China in a professional capacity, but the fascination began in 1984 with a first theory that China would become more capitalistic as it opened to the world. Much of her work has a research-based orientation or underpinning. An overall theme in her work is understanding how complex systems interact— whether it’s resource sustainability, retirement security, or best management practices.

In 1989, Ms. Warren graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) with an M.Sc. in European Studies (emphasis economics). She graduated with honors from the University of Denver with a double major in Finance and Marketing. While in London, after the LSE, she studied fine art and architecture with Sotheby's. She also studied Russian for four years throughout her university days. Jennifer is a Fellow for the Next Generation Project at Columbia University. She completes a fundraising initiative every year for an Indian humanitarian NGO. Additionally, a travelogue about India was published in 1997 to document the new discovery of a remote, ancient Himalayan cave of considerable cultural significance.

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